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May 7, 2022

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Synergy Wado Kai will no longer be operating as of today, and that we will be hanging up our Gi’s for the foreseeable future.

This decision didn’t come easily since Sensei Moe and Sensei Gaetan have been practicing Karate for nearly 20 years and running Synergy Wado Kai for about 8 of those years; before COVID began, it would have been 10 years this year.

Although the reasons for closing the doors and ending our training are many, the simple answer is that we are ready for a change.

It has been a tremendous pleasure being your teacher over the years and have so many fond memories that we’ll cherish forever.

Please don’t stop practicing Karate on our account.  There are a few other clubs in town that are members of the same organization we were a part of (MAPDA) that we can recommend you go to, such as Timmins Wado Kai at Renaissance High School on Shirley St & Porcupine Wado Kai at St. Jude school in Porcupine.

Timmins Wado Kai

301 Shirley St N, Timmins (Renaissance High School)



Porcupine Wado Kai

225 Dixon St, Porcupine (St. Jude school)


We wish everyone all the best, don’t be a stranger and say hello if you see us walking by or online in social media.

In Peace & Harmony,

Sensei Maurice Allard

Sensei Gaetan Allard



We are now closed - Please see announcement above.

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About Synergy Wado Kai Karate

We were a small Karate club in Timmins Ontario, operating under the Martial Arts Promotional and Development Association (MAPDA).

The club was run by a father/son duo (Sensei Moe & Sensei Gaetan Allard), who've been practicing the art together since 2003.

The pair were members of Personal Best Wado Kai, until their instructor (Sensei Jim) moved to London, ON for work.  In the spring of 2012, Synergy Wado Kai was formed in order to carry on teaching the students Sensei Jim had to leave behind.

Sensei Gaetan & Sensei Moe continued to incorporate elements of physical fitness with the art of Karate as Sensei Jim started with Personal Best, until May of 2022, when it was decided to close the doors.  The reasons were many but the simplest one is they were ready for a change and do something new.



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Although we are now closed, if you have question, you can still contact us for the next little while and we'll do our best to respond.

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